Ironhack UX/UI Challenge 2: Wireframing

Welcome to this new quick study-case about wireframes.
In this second article, I will be presenting my work as part of the second Challenge of Ironhack’s prework.

For this Challenge, we needed to pick an app to create a wireframe version of a user flow. I decided to go with ClassPass.

ClassPass is an American company which provides access to different fitness classes such as yoga, pilates, boxing, indoor cycling classes and more. The booking of courses is managed by a credit/point system. A highly rated class in a very busy gym costs more points than other sports classes.
For a certain price you get a certain amount of credit, which you have to spend before the end of the month.

Using Sigma, I made a wireframe using ClassPass display as an example. I showed the User Flow to book a class and add to our calendar.


I chose ClassPass because it’ s an application that I use every week and I find it easy to use, well thought and practical.
Making the Wireframe made me realize that making a fluid and simple user experience is a lot of work, in the sense that you have to think about a ton of little details.